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Unsafe Material Data Sheet

Monostapler, 5% solution in water

Manufacturer and Contact Information

Manufacturer: Interactive Learning Paradigms, Inc. Contact: Email: ILPI Support
Web: http://www.ilpi.com/fun/msds/
Chemical ID #: QZ7-104129-749A Validity of this report: Zero, none, nada, zip
Date Prepared: Sunday, May 7, 2006 If you believe this you: need to get a life

Toxicity and Health Effects

Monostapler, 5% solution in water is a chemical that has been scientifically proven to induce permissible trisomy +) in 23% of bears after oral administration of 55 nanograms.

Formal human studies on the toxicity of Monostapler, 5% solution in water have not been done. However, a recently released FDA report revealed that Katrina developed tiny cellular fungal colonies after just one exposure. OSHA and the EPA have reported that this chemical is so outlawed in so many countries that it makes fugu poison look like cotton candy.

Both acute and chronic exposure to Monostapler, 5% solution in water results in fossilization of the brain. Occupational exposure is particularly severe for neurosurgeons, who typically combine this chemical with cinnamaldehyde for use as a aftershave.

First Aid Procedures

In case of contact with skin, flush the affected area liberally with -OH! for 15 minutes. If victim's finger comes in contact with Monostapler, 5% solution in water, it is likely to shrink in size and probably should be removed surgically; in either case this will still be larger than Marina's finger.

Inhalation of Monostapler, 5% solution in water may cause internal bleeding. If possible, remove victim to fresh air and administer Shiatsu massage until the victim either dies or signs a legal waiver freeing you from liability.

Use of wheel speed sensors with this chemical is generally recommended, however a study using this protection for Huxley's foot revealed that Monostapler, 5% solution in water can overwhelm even these protective measures.

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